Istanbul Hamam Visit

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Route:  Hurrem Sultan Hamam
Tour Type: Private Tour
Duration: Half Day



  • English speaking tour guide
  • Transportation fees



  • Turkish Bath / Hamam as optional




The tour price is per person for a private group of a minimum of 6 people. Please let us know if you will have less than 6 people.

This tour will give the phrase ‘take a bath’ a whole new meaning. A Turkish bath at a hamam is full of ritual. Specific ‘tools of the trade’ include a bath bowl, a pestamal or body wrap, slippers, a bath glove, an olive oil soap, shampoo, a comb, hair conditioner and body lotion. The bath itself includes a body scrub and a bubble wash massage as well as a head and neck massage. You will experience all of this at the Hurrem Sultan Hamam. You can select from several packages of services, ranging from the basic 35- minute bath (body scrub, bubble wash massage, head and neck massage) to a deluxe 90- minute bath which includes a body peel, a moisturizing clay body mask and refreshments. Contact us for specifics and to make an appointment for this ultimate Turkish experience.


Hamam Packages:

Pir-i Pak (35 minutes) – Full Cleaning

Price : 85 €

Traditional bath-glove application

Relaxing bubble massage

Head and neck massage

Ottoman sorbe


Keyf-i Hamam (50 minutes) – Extravagant pleasures

Price : 105 €

Traditional bath-glove application

Relaxing bubble massage

Aromatherapy massage in Sovereign or Sultan room with redbud essence oil

Ottoman sorbe


Zevki – Sefa (75 minutes) – Pleasures of the hamam

Price : 120 €

Traditional bath

Cleansing peeling application with redbud essence

Humidifying body clay mask

Atomatherapy massage in Sovereign or Sultan’s room with redbud essence oil


Abı – Hayat (90 minutes) – Elixir of Life

Price : 170 €

Traditional bath

Glove and bubble application in Sultan Iwan

Humidifying body clay mask with redbud essence

Relaxing head and neck massage

Fruits in palace bowl in Sultan Iwan

Aromatherapy massage in Sovereign or Sultan’s room with redbud essence oil

Turkish delights, apricots, walnuts, sorbe and tea


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