Up, Up and Away – Hot Air Balloon Ride, Deluxe

Flight time of 1.5 hours
  • Cappadocia Balloon Tour
  • Cappadocia-Wine-Tasting-Horseback-Riding-Hot-Air-Balloons-Derwishes41
  • Cappadocia-Wine-Tasting-Horseback-Riding-Hot-Air-Balloons-Derwishes47
  • Cappadocia-Wine-Tasting-Horseback-Riding-Hot-Air-Balloons-Derwishes53
  • Cappadocia-Wine-Tasting-Horseback-Riding-Hot-Air-Balloons-Derwishes60
  • Cappadocia
  • Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Route: Cappadocia Skies

Tour Type: Small Group Tour

Duration: Flight time of 1.5 hours



  • Balloon ride
  • Transportation
  • Champagne ceremony
  • Personalized flight certificate and postcards

We will pick you up from your hotel about an hour before sunrise and bring you to our office for a quick cup of coffee and biscuits, a pre-flight briefing and check the wind to determine the best take-off location.

You will be sharing the balloon basket with 12 to 16 fellow adventurers for your hour and half ride, using the different layers of winds to ’steer’ the balloon to the most interesting and exciting places. Sometimes your balloon may actually disappear deep into a canyon. Upon set down we will celebrate our Balloon ride with soft drinks and Champagne. We will transport you back to your hotel and you can continue with your day in Cappadocia.


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