Winter Ski Holiday in Turkey

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Winter Ski Holiday in Turkey

Turkey has many areas that offer superb skiing in a variety of snow conditions. The ski season generally starts in mid-December and ends in mid-March, although the season starts in mid-November in a few places and ends in April in others.

Uludag (Northwestern Turkey)

Uludag is the most famous winter resort in Turkey. It is in Bursa Province. Its proximity to the city of Bursa, a 40-minute drive, allows ski lovers to make daily or weekend visits. The average snowfall is three meters (about 10 feet). Its season is from December 20th to March 20th. Uludag offers a wide range of accommodation for up to 3000 visitors. The center is equipped with eight chairlifts and seven T-bars.

Sarikamis Ski Center (Eastern Turkey)

Sarıkamış Cibiltepe, 60 km (37 miles) from Kars in Eastern Turkey, is 2500 meters (8200 feet) high and stunningly beautiful. Its “crystal” snow is usually found only in the Alps and is ideal for skiing. The season is between December and March. Sarikamis and the surrounding area also are suitable for cross-country skiing. The Sarikamis center has two chairlifts, one T-bar and accommodation facilities.

Palandoken Ski Center (Eastern Turkey)

Palandöken is in Erzurum at an altitude of 3100 meters (10,000 feet). Its average annual snowfall is two to three meters (seven to 10 feet). Its snow is “powdery”. The season is between December 10th and May 10th. The longest slope is 12 km (seven miles). It has 40 ski slopes for slalom and grand slalom competitions. It has five chairlifts, two baby lifts, one T-bar, and a tele-cabin. The Palandolen Center can handle 5000 skiers. Accommodation is also available. A specific highlight is the ability to ski to music on the lighted slopes in the evening.

Kartalkaya Ski Center (Northwestern Turkey)

Kartalkaya is southeast of Bolu at an altitude of 1850-2200 meters (6,100 to 7,200 feet). The average snowfall is three meters (10 feet) and suitable for Alpine and cross-country skiing. Its snow is ‘powdery’ at the beginning of the season but becomes ‘slightly slushy’ by the end of the season. Its season is between December 20th and March 20th. The Kartalkaya Ski Center has two chairlifts, six T-bars, and three baby lifts.

Erciyes Ski Center (Central Turkey, East of Cappadocia)

Erciyes is an extinct volcanic mountain in Kayseri. The slopes are 2200 – 3100 meters (7200 – 10,000 feet). The average snowfall is two meters (6500 feet). Its snow is deep packed powder. Its season is between November 20th to April 20th. The ski center has two chairlifts and two T-bars.

Ilgaz Ski Center (Northwestern Turkey)

Ilgaz Mountain is in Kastamonu. Its slopes are 1800-2000 meters (5900 to 6,500 feet). The average snowfall is around 0.5 and two meters (1.6 to 6.5 feet). Its season is between December and April. There are two ski lifts, a baby lift, and a chairlift. Professional skiers train for Nordic, long-distance, and cross-country skiing at Ilgaz.

Davraz Ski Center (Southern Turkey)

Davraz Mountain is being developed as a new ski destination. It is 26 km (16 miles) from Isparta and 51 km (31 miles) from Antalya. The slopes are suitable for Nordic, Alpine, and cross-country skiing, as well as snowboarding. The snow is 0.5 – two meters (1.6 to 6.5 feet) deep. Its season is between December and April. It has one chairlift. Its Ski House has a 50-bed capacity and a 150-person restaurant. Hotels in the city center and the Egridir district are nearby. Construction of new establishments at Davras continues.

Saklikent Ski Center (Southern Turkey)

The Saklikent Ski Center is located 49 km (30 miles) west of Antalya on Beydagları Mountain at an altitude of 1850 meters (6100 feet). Its ski season is short. The snow is about 50 to 100 cm (2 to 3 feet deep). It has one chair lift, three T-bar lifts, and one rope lift. It has a pension with 14 beds, a restaurant with an 80-person capacity, a cafeteria, and several coffee houses.

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Route: Uludag, Sarikamis, Palandoken, Kartalkaya, Erciyes, Ilgaz, Davraz
Tour Type: Private Tour
Duration: Optional


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