Eastern Turkey

Why the East? Eastern Turkey boasts a region with a colorful history and rich cultural heritage. The Eastern Anatolia region with fascinating nature and treasured historial monuments that borders Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq and Syria.  Places no one should miss; Mount Ararat- a supposed resting place of Noah’s Ark, the breathtaking Ishak Pasha Palace, the statues of Nemrud Dagi National Park this where 1st century BC, King Antiochus built a tomb-like monument for himself atop the 2,134 meter high mountain and is now named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Harran, Hasankeyf, Lake Van, Kars and Trabzon are just a few of what is more to be explored.

We have posted a sample tour to experience Eastern Turkey. Several more are available.

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Eastern Turkey Mt Nemrud
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Eastern Turkey is a region of unparalleled natural beauty that has a colorful history with many incredible historical sites and rich cultural