Best Hotels to Stay in Antalya 2024

January 23, 2020

Best Hotels in Antalya 2024

Representing a history that dates back to Antique Age, Antalya is a home to both domestic and foreign fans of history, culture and adventure. One of the most important reasons why Antalya is such a favorite place to visit is it offers suitable holiday options for people from all ages. Antalya has various holiday opportunities ranging from boutique hotels to huge accommodation facilities.

We have previously published an article called as Best Hotels in Bodrum for those who wanted to get to know west coast of Turkey. In this article, we have listed the best hotels for you to visit in this beautiful south coast city where history, natural beauties and the sea meet with each other. We have tried to take into account rankings in websites such as TripAdvisor and that contain user grades and comments.

Best Hotels to Stay in Antalya 2024

Here is our list of the best hotels to stay in Antalya in 2024. The list has been updated for 2024. Have fun!

  • Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort – Belek

Located in Belek district in Antalya, Maxx Royal promises its visitors a cozy holiday with a location on the seafront and huge service area. Greens and colorful flowers that cover the facility makes you feel like you are communed with nature.

There are 7 indoor/outdoor swimming pools and 9 tennis courts in the facility. Also, it has a world-class golf course that has 18 holes and night lightning.

Maxx Royal provides the opportunity to access anything that you could ask in a holiday center with 7 restaurants and 15 bars. The hotel hosts its visitors with 512 rooms; each of them is balconied, elegant and specially designed. The facility has a 300-meters-long special beach and it provides children with an opportunity to have an entertaining time with choices such as DinoLand, aquapark and kiddy pools.

In addition to restaurants that offers the most special tastes of Japanese, Mediterranean, Greek and Turkish cuisines, you can also enjoy the most distinguished tastes of vegetarian cuisine, as well.

The hotel offers SPA and massage services, Turkish bath and skincare. It also provides various opportunities for those who are interested in aquatic sports.

You can reach Belek downtown in 20 minutes by foot from Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort. The hotel is 45 km away from Antalya downtown and 35 km away from Antalya Airport.

Best Hotels in Belek, Antalya

best hotels to stay in antalya
Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort
  • Regnum Carya Golf and Spa Resort – Belek

Situated in 1.050.000 square meters in Belek, Regnum Carya Hotel offers a luxury holiday to its visitors. Surrounded in an area with pine trees, the hotel serves with 553 rooms under 13 different room categories.

Regnum Carya offers nature view and sea view choices to its visitors as they accommodate. Apart from suits, the hotel also provides ultra-luxury holiday concept which you can select villa-type rooms.

Situated right on the seafront, the hotel has 320-meters-long special sandy beach. It also offers 6 indoor/outdoor swimming pools, 2 open and 2 closed tennis courts, 7 restaurants and 9 bars.

Providing every family member with various opportunities, the hotel has a Turkish bath, a steam bath, a sauna and SPA services for you to enjoy. As well as an Aqua Park that reaches 7000 square meters, there are also special restaurants and a mini club for children. Regnum Carya stands out as one of the best hotels to have a holiday with children in Turkey.

The hotel is also regarded as one of the best conference hotels in Turkey. It has a congress center situated in 7.500 square meters, a pillar-free ball room situated in 2.100 square meters and 13 meeting rooms that catches the sun. This hotel hosted G-20 World Summit on December 2015, and it always offers the most luxurious service to its visitors.

We should also add a golf court situated in 750.000 square meters to all the features this hotel has. As being one of the recommended hotels to golf-lovers, Regnum Carya is 1 km away from Belek downtown, 35 km away from Antalya downtown and 45 km away from Antalya Airport.

Regnum Carya Golf and Spa Resort
  • Sirius Deluxe Hotel – Alanya

Located in Alanya, around Turkler, Sirius Hotel serves as it is situated right on the seafront and 15.000 square meters. The hotel hosts under the concept of ultra-all-inclusive and it has 250 rooms.

Promising luxury and comfort to its guests, the hotel has 1 big pool, 1 indoor pool and 1 kiddy pool, as well as 2 water slides. Also, this hotel has its own port that has an extensive usage space and a special beach.

The hotel provides various options for families with child such as baby-sitting and strollers. In addition to a fully-equipped fitness center, it also has a Turkish bath, a sauna and SPA and massage services.

There are 2 restaurants in which you can find distinguished tastes of Turkish and world cuisines serving all day long. The hotel organizes aqua sports and various activities so that its visitors have a good time on their vacation.

Sirius Deluxe Hotel is 18 km away from Alanya downtown, 65 km away from Gazipasa Airport, 110 km away from Antalya Airport and 120 km away from Antalya downtown.

Sirius Deluxe Hotel
  • Maxx Royal Kemer Resort

Located in Kemer, the hotel is situated right on the seafront and 160.000 square meters. It receives its guests with 291 rooms and under the concept of “Grand Boutique Hotel”. Every room in the hotel is furnished under the theme of suit room. Also, the hotel offers a super-luxury holiday opportunity with Laguna suits, Royal Residence blocks and villa options.

Situated in 9.500 square meters, the hotel pool is considered as the biggest pool in Antalya. In addition to that, the hotel offers “Laguna Pool” alternative for Laguna Suit customers. Also, there are 2 special beaches, each of them is 200-meters-long, belonging to this facility. As a “Child-friendly” hotel, this facility offers various activities for children and it has a 30-meters-long, pebbled beach for children.

There are 10 special rooms planned as a FreeZone for those who come early for check-ins and be late for check-ups. In addition to 11 bars, the hotel also includes Turkish, Italian cuisines and fish restaurants. One of the restaurants is open 24/7.

Offering various animations and shows to its visitors day and night, the hotel also has SPA services. There is a night club as an entertainment option for those who want to experience night life.

The hotel is 6 km away from Kemer downtown, 50 km away from Antalya downtown and 60 km away from Antalya Airport. Maxx Royal Kemer Resort is one of the leading hotels on this list.

Best Hotels in Kemer, Antalya

best beach resorts in antalya for families
Maxx Royal Kemer Resort
  • Barut Lara Antalya

Located in Lara, one of the most favorite holiday destinations of Antalya, the hotel serves as ultra-all-inclusive. Situated in 110.000 square meters, there are 463 rooms viewing gardens and the sea.

In addition to aquapark slide, swimming pool and “Thalosso Pool” services, there are 3 tennis courts, as well. The hotel has a 17-meters-long special beach that is mixed with sandy and pebble.

Offering various opportunities and activities for adults and families with children, the hotel also embodies Turkish bath, sauna and massage services for visitors who want to refresh themselves. This hotel also has 8 restaurants which offers special tastes of Turkish, Mediterranean, Italian and Far-East cuisines.

Serving under the concept of “Child-Friendly”, the hotel includes various activities such as mini football, mini golf, beach volleyball, yoga, Zumba and windsurfing for you to join. This hotel also has a congress center designed as a boutique aesthetic.

Barut Lara is 12 km away from Antalya downtown and 10 km away from Antalya Airport.

best beach hotels in antalya for couples
Barut Lara Antalya
  • Paloma Oceana Resort – Side

Located in Side, around Kumkoy, this hotel stands out with its location just on the seafront. The hotel serves as ulta-all-inclusive and there are concepts such as “Child-friendly”, “Senior-friendly” and “Honeymoon Hotel”.

In addition to suits and family rooms, there are options such as terrace rooms and “Lake Villa” that includes special pools for VIP customers. The hotel has a special sandy beach. This hotel has 4 outdoor swimming pools, 1 indoor swimming pool and 1 kiddy pool. Additionally, it is good to note that the hotel also has an aquapark with 7 slides.

The hotel has 5 restaurants which offer various tastes of Turkish and world cuisines, 1 patisserie and 9 bars. Along with SPA services, this hotel also embodies a sauna, a Turkish bath and massage services.

Providing various activities for both children and the young, the hotel also includes 2 meeting rooms and 1 ball room for congress tourism.

Paloma Oceana Resort is 5 km away from Side downtown, 65 km away from Antalya Airport and 70 km away from Antalya downtown.

Best Beach Hotels in Antalya

best beach hotels in antalya for families
Paloma Oceana Resort
  • Hotel Villa Turka – Alanya

Located in Alanya, one of the most favorite holiday destinations in Antalya, the hotel has come into operation after an old mansion from 19th century was renovated. There are 11 rooms ranging from 15-60 square meters and every one of them has been decorated independently. Hotel Villa Turka is an apart hotel and situated in Alanya downtown.

Located in a place where looks the city from a hill and offering an impressive Mediterranean view, this hotel received “The Best Restoration in Mediterranean Region” prize as a result of a successful restoration process. This hotel is also preferable because of its central location and being close to historical artifacts, as well.

Hotel Villa Turka offers a fresh Turkish breakfast opportunity with home-made jams and organic products. It takes 5 minutes to reach to the beach on foot and it is easy to reach activities such as diving, fishing and boat trip available in Alanya.

The hotel is 100 meters away from Alanya downtown and 50 km away from Alanya Gazipasa Airport.

Best Boutique Hotels in Antalya

Hotel Villa Turka
  • Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel and Resort

Located in Kemeragzi region, the hotel hosts its guests with the egzotic atmosphere of Far-East. Serving with 441 rooms under 4 different categories, Limak Lara receives its visitors as ultra-all-inclusive concept.

The hotel is situated right on the seafront. The facility has a 100-meters-long pier and 150-meters-long special beach. This hotel also has a pool area situated in 8.000 square meters. In addition to 3 outdoor swimming pools, there is a heated indoor swimming pool 300 square meters long. Also, there are a lot of water slides for children.

The hotel has 4 restaurants that offers delicious tastes of Italian, Mexican and Far East (Japanese, Thai and Indian) cuisines. The hotel organizes various activities and shows day and night. Additionally, it has a Turkish bath and sauna services for those who want to relax and refresh. This hotel is under the category of “Child-friendly” and it offers baby-sitting services, too.

Limak Lara is 13 km away from Antalya Airport and 25 km away from Antalya downtown.

Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel and Resort
  • Amara Dolce Vita Luxury – Kemer

Located in Tekirova and situated in 163.000 square meters, the hotel serves with 710 rooms. It is situated right on seafront and it has a 630-meters-long special sandy beach and a special pier.

Amara Hotel has a pool area situated 1.500 square meters in total. This area is shared between 5 outdoor and 2 indoor swimming pools. Two of them are sea water pools and one of them serves as an aquapark.

The hotel has an activity area that is situated in 4.000 square meters for its visitors to entertain. There are 15 water slides for adults and children.

The hotel has 13 restaurants which offers tastes of Turkish and world cuisines in different concepts and 2 pool side bars. Dolce Kids Restaurant offering special food for kids is one of the reasons why this hotel ranks among one of the “Child-friendly” hotels in Turkey.

The hotel has a fully-equipped SPA center, aqua sports for customers have a good time, yoga, diving and riding activities. The hotel also entertains its visitors through various shows and live performances at nights. This place is an ideal accommodation choice for working organizations with its conference hall situated in 2.050 square meters and a meeting room situated in 360 square meters.

Amara Dolce Vita Luxury is 18 km away from Kemer downtown, 58 km away from Antalya downtown and 75 km away from Antalya Airport. The hotel has special place in the list with its elegant architecture and the concept of being in touch with nature.

best hotels in kemer antalya
Amara Dolce Vita Luxury

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