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Top 10 Beaches in Turkey 2024

January 23, 2018
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Turkey’s Best Beaches

Summer is the favorite season for most of, isn’t it? Well, we all dream about summer and look forward to enjoying the sun, the sand, and the sea. And if you are in Turkey during summer, you are definitely one of the luckiest people on earth.

Turkey has countless exceptional and world-class beaches, where you can enjoy the pure sand, blue colors of the sea and the sun. We’ve just mentioned Turkey has world-class beaches. So, let’s have a look at some of them briefly.

Top 10 Beaches in Turkey 2024

Here is our list of the Top 10 Beaches in Turkey 2024. All of the beaches on the list are suitable for family vacationers. They are also suitable places for honeymoon.

  • Ovabuku – Datca

Ovabuku is such a calm and poetic beach that the famous historian Strabon once said, “If God wants someone to have a long-lasting life, he leaves them on the Datca peninsula.” No wonder, Strabon was so impressed with Datca.

It offers calm and peaceful beach where you will never want to stay forever. Therefore, this beach is one of the best beaches in Turkey. If you prefer a cozy and quiet beach in the Aegean region, Ovabuku – Datca is the one.

  • Butterfly Valley – Fethiye

Butterfly Valley is a hidden gem as it is situated at the foothill of a mountain. The beach is home to diverse butterfly species and that’s why its named Butterfly Valley. Moreover, this secret heaven was used to be the meeting point of hippies in the past, as the atmosphere here offers nothing but freedom and nature.

It’s impossible to reach Butterfly Valley by car. Therefore, your only option is transportation by boat, if you want to go there. If you love camping and staying close to the sea, you can find tents, wooden houses and bungalows to make the best of your time at Butterfly Valley. Go there and you will definitely want the time to stop and stay at Butterfly Valley forever.

Best Beaches in Fethiye, Turkey

best natural beaches in Turkey
Butterfly Valley
  • Patara Beach, Kas

Patara Beach has a similar atmosphere that makes you feel you are in a desert. In fact, the beach has provided itself as a desert scene for many Turkish movies. The most striking feature of Patara beach is its nice sand throughout the beach. Moreover, this beach is one of the few beaches where turtles lay their eggs.

Patara beach has the longest beach in the Mediterranean region. The sea is so clear and pure that you can see the sand at the bottom of the sea. The sea at this beach is a little wavy and the beach is usually windy. There is also another feature of the beach that makes it special. Temple of Apollo is nearby this beach and you should definitely visit the ancient city if you go to Patara beach.

Patara beach
  • Akbuk Bay – Gokova

Akbuk Bay feels like a tropical island, as it is surrounded by mountains and it brings forest and sea together. The calm and clear sea begins where the forest ends. The atmosphere at this beach becomes even more enticing thanks to the freshwater that flows into the sea.

Akbuk bay is at a convenient location and easily accessible by car. If you love nature, you can stay at tents or caravans in areas designated for campers. However, if you wish to stay at a hotel, there are some options to choose from as well.

Akbuk bay is one of the rare beaches in the Aegean Region with its beautiful and clear sea. You will fall in love with the sea immediately if you choose to visit Akbuk bay.

Top 10 Beaches in Turkey

Akbuk Bay
  • Oludeniz – Fethiye

Oludeniz is easily accessible by car and boat, and it’s just 15 km from Fethiye. The most important feature of Oludeniz is its lagoon shape. It is also one of the blue flag beaches in the Mediterranean Region. You can enjoy the different tones of the blue sea at Oludeniz and experience unforgettable moments.

Oludeniz looks like a closed lake, where you can dive or paraglide. The water temperature is warm and the sea is not windy. Therefore, Oludeniz is crowded and popular the whole season. The beauty of Oludeniz is world-famous. Therefore, we suggest you to make your reservation at a nearby hotel as early as possible not to miss this amazingly beautiful beach.

  • Kaputas Beach – Kalkan

Kaputas Beach is always among the most beautiful beaches list in the world. It’s a special beach where cold underground water is mixed with the sea. Therefore, you should know that the water in this beach is cold. Also, the sand on this beach contains pebble stones. However, it shouldn’t discourage you to enjoy this brilliant beach.

Interestingly, while many people driving by the beach spot this great beach accidentally, many others from all around the world visit Turkey on purpose to enjoy this beach. You will need to climb 200 steps down in order to reach the beach.

Best Beaches in Kalkan, Turkey

best beaches in Turkey for couples
Kaputas Beach
  • Sarimsakli Beach – Ayvalik

Sarimsakli Beach is one of the best beaches in the Aegean region without a doubt. This beach is famous for its nice sand and clear sea. Also, the place offers a lot of dining areas for its visitors.

Finding accommodation nearby the beach is really easy, as there are a lot of hotels nearby. You can also buy things from street vendors at the beach. We should also note that the water at Sarimsakli beach is cool, so much so that, the water is not warm even in July. If you want to enjoy the cool sea on a hot summer day, this beach is the place to be.

Sarimsakli Beach
  • Cirali Beach – Antalya

Cirali Beach sits at a special point where nature and the sea meet. It is also walking distance to Olympos. Moreover, this beach is one of the favorite spots of turtles. Thanks to its location, the beach seems to be in the middle of a forest.

The beach is in a protected area. Therefore, tall buildings are forbidden in the region. The beach is worth seeing for another reason too. The beach is walking distance to the remnants of Olympos and the atmosphere is really worth seeing. There are numerous accommodation options for its visitors. You can choose to stay at a hotel, bungalow or a tent and Cirali beach is accessible by car. Don’t miss this beautiful beach, if you visit Antalya.

Cirali Beach is definitely one of the Best Beaches in Turkey Mediterranean Sea on the South Coast.

Best Beaches in Antalya, Turkey

Cirali Beach
  • Altinkum Beach – Didim

Altinkum Beach, also known as “golden sands”, is named after its golden yellow sand. This is the most famous beach in Didim and it’s only 9 km from the city center.

There are many impressive beaches throughout Didim’s 53 km coast and Altinkum beach is known as the most popular beach among others in the area. Many visitors visit the beach during summer and the entertainment goes on in the evening as well, since there are a lot of restaurants, cafes and bars nearby the beach. Altinkum beach is the most vibrant beach in the Aegean region and it promises a great beach experience and entertainment.

best beaches in Turkey for families
Altinkum Beach
  • Incekum Beach – Marmaris

Incekum Beach is the Hawaii of Turkey, thanks to its torques color sea and it’s certainly one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey.

Although Incekum beach is stunningly beautiful, it’s not so easy to reach it. Firstly, a trip to Sedir Island from Marmaris is required. Then, the visitors need to reach Camlica village. If you drive, you can reach until that point by car. However, from that point on, you need to get on a tractor for a 2-minute trip.

We can hear you say it’s too much trouble just to reach the beach, but you are wrong. When you reach there, you will definitely tell yourself that that trouble is totally worth it. By the way, if you want to find a good spot on the beach, you must line up early morning for the tractor. Don’t be late!

Incekum Beach
  • Amos Bay, Marmaris

Amos Bay is named after the word Amos that means the Temple of Gods in Hellenic language. The remnants left from the Roman era can be seen in Amos which is one of the best ancient cities in Turkey. What’s better is that Amos is in a forest and that makes the beach even more beautiful than you can imagine.

The atmosphere at Amos is simply breathtaking when you consider the unity of the remnants of the ancient city and the beach. The beach is popular with tourists from all around the world thanks to its natural beauty and being an ancient city. It’s a quite rare combination that you really can’t miss.

best beaches in Turkey
Amos Bay

Best Beaches in Turkey 2024 by BarefootPlus

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